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Founded in 2002, The Agape Family Foundation and Women's Development Group, Inc. embodies the essence of agape love—a selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love that drives us to serve humanity as if we were all members of a single family. Our faith-based origins are everywhere in our mission, guiding us to provide services that meet the holistic needs of individuals and families, which includes, the nurture of their spiritual well-being. This blend of resources and compassion is what sets us apart, as we spread a kiss of charity that resonates throughout the communities we touch.
At the heart of our mission lies a deep belief and faith in God, influencing our worldview and inspiring us to see the divine potential in every individual. This perspective is the foundation of our holistic approach to service, where spiritual guidance is integrated with practical support to empower individuals and families. Whether it's through crisis intervention, counseling, or educational support, we strive to help our community members see themselves as God sees them—loved, worthy, capable, and full of potential. This spiritual component is crucial, as it fuels our commitment to helping people achieve goals they once thought unattainable.
Our comprehensive range of services is designed to address the multifaceted needs of women, children, and families. From individual and group counseling to GED support, and from women's health programs to after-school tutoring, our offerings are diverse yet unified in their purpose. We aim to restore, build, and strengthen the family unit, helping each member regain stability, move away from dysfunction and maintain individual and family health. Through community outreach, a food pantry, and transitional housing, we extend our hands to those in need, offering support that are both building blocks that lead to success.
The journey of The Agape Family Foundation and Women's Development Group, Inc. is one of continuous growth, driven by the desire to minimize the increase in family deterioration and enhance the holistic and economic advancement of the families we serve. By focusing on the individual needs first and then expanding our support to encompass the entire family, we aim to effect eternal change. Our goal is ambitious yet simple: to facilitate growth and improvement in every aspect of our beneficiaries' lives, guided by our unwavering faith and commitment to service.

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