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Transforming Lives Through Faith and Holistic Supports

     Since 2002, our faith-based non-profit has been dedicated to empowering women, children, and families towards stability, growth, and holistic advancement. By addressing individual and collective needs, we aim to restore and strengthen family bonds, preventing deterioration and fostering sustainable development. Join us in our mission to nurture the potential of every family to become stronger and foster their resilience to maintain a healthy stable family that will uplift communities and effect both natural and eternal changes in our world. 

A Compassionate Faith-Based Non-Profit and Community Resource for Everyone

Since our inception in 2002, The Agape Family Foundation and Women's Development Group, Inc. has stood as a beacon of hope in Long Island, New York, New Castle, Delaware and now North Carolina since its conception, specifically extending our reach across Wake and Durham Counties. As a faith-based nonprofit, we ...

A Foundation of Faith and Service

Founded in 2002, The Agape Family Foundation and Women's Development Group, Inc. embodies the essence of agape love—a selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love that drives us to serve humanity as if we were all members of a single family. Our faith-based origins are everywhere in our mission, guiding us to ...

     Our mission is to teach and train children how to recognize the signs of abuse. Our goal is to help them identify when they are being abused and give them a unique voice to expose every form of it and every possible attempt that may be perpetrated against them. Our ultimate goal is to prevent and reduce the occurrences of abuse on children. Utilizing unconventional methods, never before used, we endeavor to enhance the life of every child by giving them a voice to speak up and cry out for help early. Using our tools of assertiveness, they will be able to reduce, eliminate and or eradicate the possibility of abuse in their lives, ultimately improving their potential to have a lifetime of holistic health, wellness and success. It is also our goal to increase awareness in adults about the overall long term and devastating results that abuse can have on a child, in an effort to encourage more of their participation in the fight against childhood abuse. Our mission is to prevent and stop abuse in the life of every child before it can occur. Our children deserve the promise of a healthy tomorrow. We believe that the things that are impossible for men are possible with God, Luke 18:27.